10 Things Only Wig Wearers Understand

You will find that most wig wearers have the following things in common. So sit back pour a glass of bubbly and have a laugh and learn a few tricks to avoid a wigcident. ( an accident that can only happen to wig wearers) The Embarrassing Itch! Have you ever just sat down in front of… Continue reading 10 Things Only Wig Wearers Understand

Hair Add Ons

Get the Hair Outta Here!

Clip in Bangs are so in right now. By now you have seen Kendall Jenner rocking clip in bangs as well as her bff Gigi Hadid and other A-list celebrities like Lily Collins, Chrissy Teigan and many more. I have fell victim to cutting my bangs and a week later regretting it. Clipping your hair… Continue reading Get the Hair Outta Here!