Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Hair Add Ons

Personalized Hair-Bands

I'm very excited to talk about our new service we offer at the shop with you all! Especially to all the chemo and alopecia warriors out there! Losing all of your hair during chemotherapy can be one of the hardest parts to grasp during the many other obstacles you will face during this time. We… Continue reading Personalized Hair-Bands


Chemotherapy: How to care for your Hair/Scalp & Skin

Chemotherapy fights cancer by attacking the fastest growing cells in your body this includes the cells in your hair follicles. The damage to hair follicles during chemo can result in thinning, weak, dry and brittle hair or in some cases complete hair loss. Chemotherapy also effects our skin the color in our face changes as… Continue reading Chemotherapy: How to care for your Hair/Scalp & Skin