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Personalized Hair-Bands

I'm very excited to talk about our new service we offer at the shop with you all! Especially to all the chemo and alopecia warriors out there! Losing all of your hair during chemotherapy can be one of the hardest parts to grasp during the many other obstacles you will face during this time. We… Continue reading Personalized Hair-Bands

Hair Care

5 Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair!

Coconut oil is literally heaven sent! Not only does it taste good and is great for cooking as a healthier alternative oil, it also does wonders on your skin and hair. I'm going to provide you with 5 easy and beneficial ways to use coconut oil for your hair.   1. Hair Growth Items Needed: Raw… Continue reading 5 Best Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Your Hair!


10 Things Only Wig Wearers Understand

You will find that most wig wearers have the following things in common. So sit back pour a glass of bubbly and have a laugh and learn a few tricks to avoid a wigcident. ( an accident that can only happen to wig wearers) The Embarrassing Itch! Have you ever just sat down in front of… Continue reading 10 Things Only Wig Wearers Understand


Chemotherapy: How to care for your Hair/Scalp & Skin

Chemotherapy fights cancer by attacking the fastest growing cells in your body this includes the cells in your hair follicles. The damage to hair follicles during chemo can result in thinning, weak, dry and brittle hair or in some cases complete hair loss. Chemotherapy also effects our skin the color in our face changes as… Continue reading Chemotherapy: How to care for your Hair/Scalp & Skin


Knock Knock Whose Hair?

Is that a wig? No it can't be it looks so natural. Model Above Is Wearing: Russian Human Hair Lace Front - Silk Top Handmade Wig When a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence — Raquel Welch   Everyone has the misconception that all wigs look ''wiggy'' but no one… Continue reading Knock Knock Whose Hair?

Hair Add Ons

Get the Hair Outta Here!

Clip in Bangs are so in right now. By now you have seen Kendall Jenner rocking clip in bangs as well as her bff Gigi Hadid and other A-list celebrities like Lily Collins, Chrissy Teigan and many more. I have fell victim to cutting my bangs and a week later regretting it. Clipping your hair… Continue reading Get the Hair Outta Here!