Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Hair Add Ons

Personalized Hair-Bands

I’m very excited to talk about our new service we offer at the shop with you all! Especially to all the chemo and alopecia warriors out there!

Losing all of your hair during chemotherapy can be one of the hardest parts to grasp during the many other obstacles you will face during this time. We always get asked if we can fabricate a wig with your own hair. The short answer is No. Briefly I will explain to you why. First of all it takes 20-30 ponytails to make one wig due to breakage and after its been drawn you’re not left with much ”good quality hair” to work with. Second it takes very long to make a wig and most women find out they’re starting chemotherapy within days which doesn’t leave us with enough time to have your wig ready for you. After many years of constantly being asked this question and having to shave or cut off each woman’s hair before chemo we decided to come up with a great idea and solution using your own hair!


Whether you opt out to wearing a wig full time or prefer to wear hats at times is up to you. We always suggest to do both. It’s not everyday you’re going to feel like wearing your wig and especially at home. Women have expressed that wearing hats and scarves labels them as ”sick cancer patients” and at times makes them feel uncomfortable leaving the house with just a hat or scarf on their heads. But what if we told you, you can. We can make it  look like you have hair underneath your hats and scarves using your own hair that we cut and utilize to do so.

These personalized hair-bands are made using your own hair before it falls out,  we cut it and apply it to a velour band that you can wear under any hat/scarf or other headwraps of your liking. It’s a great way to look and feel like yourself and keep a little piece of you still along your journey. This will allow you the illusion of having a full head of hair underneath the wraps and hats. Here’s a quick video that shows you what i’m trying to explain.




If you don’t have hair to utilize because you suffer from Alopecia don’t worry we can use stock hair to make the exact same Hair-Band for you. The velour band also acts like a grip so it makes wearing scarves and hats more secure and helps them stay in place.


Here is a finished product on one of our clients who was more than happy to have her own real hair during her chemo treatments. Look how gorgeous and natural she looks!


personalized hair-band


Hope you enjoyed this blog please feel free to comment and share your ideas with me. Looking forward to hearing from you all!

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