10 Things Only Wig Wearers Understand

You will find that most wig wearers have the following things in common. So sit back pour a glass of bubbly and have a laugh and learn a few tricks to avoid a wigcident. ( an accident that can only happen to wig wearers)

  1. The Embarrassing Itch!

Have you ever just sat down in front of your group of friends and instantly have the sensation of tiny little pests crawling under your wig and you wanting to just rip it off and scratch them to hell. The truth is wigs aren’t itchy, improper scalp care causes itchiness not the wigs themselves unless it’s made up of a cheaper synthetic fiber and cap. If you want to avoid this from happening here are some good tips to cure the itch.

Try wearing a cotton or bamboo wig liner beneath the wig to keep it from irritating your scalp and causing an itchy sensation. These work well with synthetic wigs as they tend to irritate your scalp, especially if you are wearing them while doing chemotherapy.

Clean your scalp with witch hazel on a daily basis to prevent the oil buildup that causes itching. You can pick it up at any drugstore.

Brush the wig carefully on a daily basis to keep strands of the wig from protruding through the wig onto your scalp. Hairs that get through to the inside of your wig make it very uncomfortable on your scalp and can cause irritation.

2. Where did I put my wig!?

You get home after wearing your wig for 12 hours and you pull it off and throw it in your closet and your head is finally free! (…happy dancing to the couch in your pjs) The doorbell rings you freak out and pull out your disheveled wig from the closet answering the door like the bride of Frankenstein. Ok maybe not that scary but seriously. Properly storing your wig is essential in prolonging the life of your wig and keeping its style in place for a longer period of time. In return you avoid over washing it by having to restyle it which causes your wig to dry out. Placing your wig on a proper foam head or a collapsable stand is best to keep it looking ready to wear. Traveling with your wigs shouldn’t be any different, if you want to be more discreet storing your wig in a shoe box or a cute little wig box keeps them safe from having to be restyled on the go. Who knows maybe you will become addicted like we are and eventually build a walk in closet for your wigs ( a girl can dream…)

3. Off with her wig!

Events with tons of family and friends can be very scary especially with your old aunt Mary who loves coming up to hug you a million times and to touch your face and hair. If you are a mom wearing a wig then your biggest fear must be your little ones yanking off your wig while throwing one of their usual tantrums. The fear of someone touching or pulling your off is a fear everyone who wears wigs has but there’s two magical words WIG GRIP become familiar with them and make them your best friends. You can never just have only one either. Trust me. If you are looking for a more secure hold on nights where you plan on dancing or being in front of tons of family and friends double sided wig tapes are always a hero in these types of situation. They come in different types of holds from light to strong, some last a day others are for more prolonged wears they last 5-7 days if not more depending on your perspiration.

4. They all know I’m wearing a wig!

Probably one of the most important concerns every woman who wears a wig thinks about daily is if everyone notices they are wearing a wig. There’s many factors that go into what makes a wig look as realistic as it possibly can. Human hair as opposed to synthetic is the main factor of looking natural. The second and arguably the most important is the way the wig is made. Lace front hand made wigs or full lace wigs look the most natural, they allow you to part your hair anyway you like and can be put into a ponytail and overall are more versatile than any other type of cap. Last but not least getting it professionally customized to your head is what gives it that extra touch. A wig cut/style and size adjustment creates the natural look you need. Experienced wig techs will also creat baby hairs and produce a natural hair line on certain types of lace fronts.

5. Hats off Wig On!

Removing your hat and scarf without yanking or moving your wig out of place at the same time should be an Olympic sport. Thankfully Wig Grips give you enough of a hold to avoid this situation. If you are using lace/wig tape even better. If your wig is constantly shifting or you feel like it’s always about to fall off, book an appointment with your Wig Technician it might be time for an adjustment. If you are loosing more hair or it’s growing in the sizing will change and need to be readjusted. Wigs after months of wear can also stretch out if you don’t follow a few easy steps to prevent this:

1. After washing your wig always dry the inside before styling the rest. A wet cap causes stretching if you are going to be blow drying/styling your wig.

2. If you’re head is small make sure to store your wig on a metal or plastic wig stand as oppose to the styrofoam heads as they can sometimes be bigger than your own head.

3. When taking on and off your wig make sure you put it on from the front to back it causes less stretching this way.

6. The wig workout

Exercising is challenging enough, you don’t want to be running on the treadmill holding your wig down and losing balance and falling in front of that cute guy on the bike behind you. No we don’t want that. Avoid the embarrassment use your Wig Grip (do you get the point by now it’s seriously a life saver) Tying your wig up in a ponytail and using a headband also does the trick and looks practical in the gym. Try not to wash your wig after every time you work out as it will be drying it out opt out for some dry shampoo instead. Another option is to have an additional wig, especially if you are a very active person. Using a cheaper quality or even synthetic wig for these types of activities can benefit you in the long run by keeping your higher quality wig nicer for longer.

7. Bring your wig to the beach!

Yes you can wear your wig in the ocean or pool. It is important to understand that salt water and chlorine dry out your hair and depending on the quality of your wig you want to make sure that you care for it in the proper way after swimming. Always try to tie it in a low ponytail if it’s long and again you want to make sure it is secure using either tapes or a wig grip. After swimming make sure to comb trough your wig starting from the bottom and working your way up once it is fully detangled you want to either use a leave in conditioner/spray and style as usual. After your vacation is done it’s time to bring it in or do a dee conditioning treatment and balancing the ph levels of your human hair wig. A good at home treatment for these issues is Helen Seward Bio-Nurturing Deep Conditioner. Synthetic wigs are not suggested to be worn in the water as they tend to bunch up and look really fake. Another fashionable option is using a headscarf with bangs instead. Check out these looks for some inspiration.

8. My wig is going bald help!!

Loosing your own hair is hard enough to deal with so we understand seeing the hair on your wig fall out equally as traumatic. Fear not. Wigs can and most probably will shed from time to time. Handmade wigs are most sensitive to this issue has they are individually knotted onto the silk cap. The knots eventually will loosen up in time with normal wear and tear and he hair will fall off the wig. Investing in knot sealer will double the life of your wig if not more. With every wash you want to reseal the knots before drying the inside of your cap again. This glue like spray secures each knotted hair and prevents shedding. Combing your wig working from the ends to roots also ensures you are realizing each knotted hair in your wig.

9. Gone with the wind

I’m sure you’ve seen it in a million movies the wind is blowing and the man walking down the street looses his hair piece in the wind. Save it for the movies because on extremely windy days you should always be wearing … you guessed it your Wig Grip (seriously buy one already) Adjusting your wig is really important. You want to make sure you see a professional to do this. Wig technicians will either resize your wig by seeing the inside by hand or cutting into the wig to reshape it your specific head shape. If you have hair underneath your wig ask your tech to add clips so that you can clip on your wig for extra security if you don’t have hair use a daily double sided tape to keep your wig in place. Lace front wigs look their best when they are taped down in front. Wigs without lace front can always benefit from a wig grip with a lace front and hair attached to it called a I band this keeps your wig in place and makes it look more natural.

10. To brush or not to brush?

Always brush. So many clients come to us with their wigs all tangled in fear of brushing them because hair will fall out. This is a huge myth. Letting your hair get tangled up by not brushing it causes knots that need some tlc from your wig stylist and chances are you will loose more hair once she detangles it and has to apply treatments. Brushing your wigs daily again always staring from the bottom and working your way up to the roots realigns each strand and prevents the knots from turning inside out and letting the hair go through to the inside of the cap. Brushing is also good while washing it to ensure the conditioner is spread all over the ends you want to make sure you only apply conditioner to the ends while washing because that will also loosen the knots on your wig and cause hair to fall out.

I hope you enjoyed our videos and advice and that we eased your worries a little. The most important part of wearing a wig is to wear it with confidence! So chin up my wig warriors!

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