Knock Knock Whose Hair?

Is that a wig? No it can’t be it looks so natural.


Model Above Is Wearing: Russian Human Hair Lace Front – Silk Top Handmade Wig

When a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence — Raquel Welch


Everyone has the misconception that all wigs look ”wiggy” but no one truly understands that all wigs are different and the way they are made play a huge factor in how realistic they can look. The most natural wigs are handmade using high quality human hair set on a silk top with lace front. Have I lost you yet? …There is many factors that go into the making of a wig. The quality of the hair is very important in obtaining that natural movement like hair that grows from your scalp has.

There are two major types of hair on the market. Synthetic hair fibers are fine threads manufactured to resemble human hair. Manufacturers may use single type, monofilament fibers, or a combination of two or three, polyfilament, fibers, Acrylic or polyester is used to make some fibers as well. Wigs and hair extensions, which are made of synthetic hair, are more affordable than similar items made from human hair. The caps are usually machine made so the wefts are exposed from the inside which can be less comfortable than a human hair wig that is handmade. There is no maintenance involved with synthetic hair. Every time you wash your wig it will pop back into the same style as you bought it in. They do not look and feel as well as real human hair does but some brands on the market come pretty darn close. I usually suggest synthetic wigs and extensions for women who will not be wearing them on a daily basis as they do not last as long with daily use and or shorter hairstyles that aren’t constantly rubbing against clothing causing the ends to break and tangle.  Prices of synthetic wigs and extensions usually range from 50-600$ depending on the brand and model.

Human hair wigs come in different qualities and can stem from different parts of the world. The caps are mostly handmade with silk bonnets which allow maximum versatility. The most popular and accessible hair on the market is indian hair being the lowest quality in our shop because of the fact that it is processed and altered in texture before being installed on a wig, topper or extensions. Their prices range from 200-800$+ depending on length and weight. Other types of hair come from all over Europe these are usually thicker and darker in color so most of them will also be processed to some extent but more resistant than indian hair. The top quality hair is Russian virgin hair, it comes directly from russian and is the only hair on the market that is not processed or altered in any way. It is very fine but strong as it is in a very healthy state. The lifespan of most human hair wigs is usually between 1-2 years but russian hair wigs can last up to 3-5 years some times longer depending on the care and wear. These wigs usually range in price they can be anywhere from 1000-5000$ in price but are worth every penny in my opinion especially for women who are wearing them for long-term and every single day. Human hair wigs do need to be maintained. They need to be washed and set as you would your own hair just not as often. We recommend once a month if you are wearing it everyday or every 30 wears. You need to understand that the hair on your wig is dead hair so you need to invest in good quality shampoos and conditioners if you are washing and styling them yourself. No parabens or sulfates as these will dry out your wigs.


When a wig is properly made and the type of hair has been chosen and you are aware of the versatility that quality has to offer the next most important process is working with a professional who knows how to work with wigs. Most regular hairdressers will not know how to work with wigs not to say there aren’t some who do but at the price of some wigs being 1000$ plus you want to make sure the professional you are dealing with has experience servicing wigs.


There are many different adjustments made to a wig once you choose one you like that add to the realistic look you want to obtain. Your wig technician should first adjust the cap to your size, you want to feel comfortable and have your wig stay in place as your head moves in different directions. We don’t want your wig to fly off and have you chase it down the street like a lost dog. (i’m obviously joking this only happens in the movies) After the size is set your wig tech will then commence cutting and shaping your wig to your features, now would be a good time to let the tech know the cut you want. Any adjustments to the color should be done before the initial cut as well. Yes you can dye REAL human hair wigs don’t let anyone tell you differently you can also apply heat by blow dryers, straighteners and curling irons. If your tech is advising you not to then I would be very careful in the purchase of that wig as it is not real human hair. Layering and cutting by adding body to a wig is important to obtain movement and a natural flow. Lastly baby hairs around the circumference of the wig is the cherry on top of that natural looking hairline. Experienced techs will pluck out some hair from the hairline to give you that gradual hairline that hair has when it grows from your scalp as shown below.



Your wig tech will advise you to not cut too much in the first sitting, it is best to live with your wig for a week or two to see if it works for you. You do not want to cut too much hair off to then be disappointed that it will not grow back. It makes more sense to make another trip to the salon to cut a little more off. Once you have established your wig and the cut and color and length is what you wanted have fun with it! High quality wigs like I mentioned above allow you to part your hair in different directions, pull it back into a ponytail and wear it in different styles.  Check out my partner in crime working a ponytail in one of our wigs.

26840703_10159915506015302_6653582364992801451_o (1)


Whether you are wearing a wig for medical reason, religious or just a for a fashionable approach (this is for another blog post) it is important to wear your wig with confidence and know that you are not alone. It’s 2018 people everyone wears fake nails, makeup, eyelashes, lip injections and other beauty enhancements. Being all hush hush about wigs and hair pieces is a thing of the past. Embrace it!  Once you get used to it I promise you that you will find the silver lining in it. I mean what women doesn’t love the idea of waking up in the morning and putting on her wig and instantly having beautifully styled hair without the fuss.


Thank you for taking the time to read.

Please feel free to leave me feedback or contact me for any other questions!


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