Hair Add Ons

Get the Hair Outta Here!

Clip in Bangs are so in right now.

By now you have seen Kendall Jenner rocking clip in bangs as well as her bff Gigi Hadid and other A-list celebrities like Lily Collins, Chrissy Teigan and many more.


I have fell victim to cutting my bangs and a week later regretting it. Clipping your hair to the side and using multiple bobby pins to get them out of your face until they grow out isn’t really a cute look. I’m going to show you an amazing alternative than making the commitment to cutting your bangs and they’re from Hair Affair they are 100% human hair ready to wear right out of the package and they come in different colors to match your hair. ( You can purchase them using this link )

They can also be dyed and cut slightly to blend in properly with your hair cut. They’re easy to install and have three clips that keep secure as shown below.

clip in bangsQuick Tip: Spray your clips with some hairspray before installing to give them a little extra hold on your hair, especially if it’s freshly washed.


You want to start by parting your hair down the middle. Opening each of the three clips and aligning them with your forehead and the sides of your hair, start by clipping the front and once they are aligned clip the last one at the top. Instantly change your look in seconds and go out with a Bang!

Thanks for reading. I love the idea of being able to play up your looks without the commitment of cutting your hair. The styling options are limitless with these bangs whether you want to keep your hair down or rock a top knot with them it looks so natural and you can choose when you are in the mood for them. Leave me some feedback or send me some pictures of you in your clip in bangs I would love to share them with others.

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